Tradizio GmbH

Tradizio works as an independent consulting firm for owner families, private equity houses and credit institutions whose companies or clients are not realizing their potential.

Our goal

Our goal is to ensure the continued existence of the company and to increase profitability and competitiveness. We are implementing consultants or operational managers, also as a body.

We support you

We support realignments on the market side, internal value creation and on the cost side, including “special situations”. Here we build on our many years of experience as managers and results-oriented consultants.

We come from the SME sector and understand its laws, especially in times of crisis and challenges such as:

  • Commercial Performance/Top-line Restructuring
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Restructuring/reorganization
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Quick check for performance and expert opinions

Our team

Specialized industry experts, tax consultants and auditors

Phases of a restructuring

1. audit

2 – 3 weeks

  • Making the liquidity situation transparent
  • Understanding reasons for earnings development
  • Finding cost potential in the short term
  • Remediation concept
  • create & adopt
  • Hedging the costs of restructuring

2. survival

4 – 6 weeks

  • Set up central liquidity office
  • Taking a cash check, sounding out the scope
  • Generating cash with immediate measures
  • Debtors management
  • and adjust creditors
  • Prepare and conduct talks with banks

3. redevelop

2 – 3 months

  • Adapt organization and leadership
  • Evaluate products, clean up assortment
  • Review depth of value added and locations
  • Realigning sales to the market
  • Transform purchasing into supplier manager

4. grow

2 – 3 months

  • Sharpening the strategy in core business areas
  • Implement defined target organization
  • Establish product market concept
  • Adjust prices and enforce conditions
  • Aligning corporate management with key figures

Project examples

Building supply industry

Automotive – Tier 1

Mechanical Engineering

Print shop